Masala Bhat Recipe Maharashtrian Style | Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat Recipe

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Masala Bhat Recipe Maharashtrian Style | Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat Recipe


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Cuisine: Maharashtrian

Servings: Four

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Type: Lunch-Dinner

Served with: Raita, Saaru or Katachi Amati


Masala Bhat Recipe Maharashtrian Style | Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat Recipe is a one pot dish that I look for when I attend Maharashtrian weddings. It is a must recipe on festivals in Maharashtra.


Masale bhat recipe | masala bhaat rice | Maharashtrian masala Bhaath recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. It is generally prepared on festivals and weddings. I make it for breakfast or lunch and often as tiffin box recipe or lunch box recipe.

Masala Bhat Recipe Maharashtrian Style | Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat Recipe is a one pot recipe made with Goda masala and mixed vegetables. Goda masala is the key ingredient in this recipe which gives it a unique flavour and colour, Otherwise, it will be like normal Pulao. 

Topped with a dollop of desi ghee, freshly grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves it tastes very good. Goda masala is such a masala powder which turns the dish aromatic in which it is added. I will post the recipe for Goda Masala very soon.

What we need?


  1. Rice: One bowl (Sona Masuri or Basmati)
  2. Goda Masala: 4 tea spoons
  3. Carrot: One medium
  4. Potato: One medium
  5. Cauli Flower: Small portion
  6. Green Chilis: 3-4
  7. Green peas: Half bowl
  8. French Beans: 5-6
  9. Kadi Patta: One string
  10. Freshly Grated Coconut: Half bowl
  11. Coriander leaves: Half bowl
  12. Oil or Ghee: Three tea spoons.
  13. Salt: As per paste
  14. Tempering: Mustard, Jeera, Hing, Turmeric and Kadi patta
  15. Water: Two and half bowls.

Masala Bhat Recipe Maharashtrian Style | Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat Recipe is a one pot dish as I mentioned. You can make this in pressure cooker also if you are running out of time or in hurry. I usually make it in pressure cooker only. 

You can use variety of vegetables of your choice. Usually, brinjal or baingan is added in this masale bhat. But I personally don’t like brinjal and hence never used it to make this recipe. I prepare it very often at my home, it serve as a lunch box recipe as well as breakfast recipe. Goda masala is prepared in bulk and used for 4-5 months. So, it becomes very easy to prepare this dish with the available vegetables at home whenever you wish.

I have used different vegetables for blog and video recipe. As I have shot the video sometime back. 

How to make Masala Bhat Recipe Maharashtrian Style | Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat Recipe?

Video Recipe..

Step 1

Wash rice and soak it for half an hour. Chop the vegetables of your choice. 

Step 2

In a pressure cooker add two to three tea spoons of oil or ghee. Once it is hot, add Mustard, Jeera, Hing, Turmeric and Kadi patta. Splutter them.

Step 3

Then add chopped vegetables and saute them for two minutes. You can add tomato and onion also. But I don’t prefer them as Masale bhat is prepared on festivals and served as Naivedyam to Lord.

Step 4

Add washed and soaked rice and roast for two minutes. This step is very important. Because roasting rice makes Masale bhat non sticky and every grain is separated.

Step 5

Add two and half bowls of water and bring it to boil. Add Goda masala in this stage. Or you can add while roasting rice. I skip this because there are chances masala may burn. Add salt and cover the lid. Cook for two to three whistles. If you are using basmati rice; two whistles are enough.

Step 6

Allow the steam to pass and open the lid. Mix gently and serve hot with coriander and coconut garnishing. Don’t forget to top with dollop of ghee.

Masala Bhat Recipe Maharashtrian Style | Maharashtrian Masale Bhaat Recipe in Step by step photos

Wash and soak rice for half an hour.


Wash and cut the vegetables of your choice.


In a pressure cooker add oil or ghee. Add tempering ingredients and splutter them.


Then add cut vegetables and saute for two minutes.


Then add soaked rice and fry it for two to three minutes.


Add water double the rice taken and half bowl for vegetables.


Then add Salt, Goda Masala and jaggery(Optional), Bring it to boil and cover the lid. Cook for three whistles. 


When pressure goes off, open the lid and mix it gently.


Tips to make perfect Masale Bhat

  1. Do not substitute Goda Masala with any other masala.
  2. Don’t skip roasting the rice with vegetables. As roasting makes Masala bhat non sticky and separated grained.
  3. Use ghee instead of oil as it enhances the taste of Masale Bhat
  4. Use of brinjal in masala bhat is a great choice. 
  5. You can add ginger garlic paste, onions and tomatoes. But the traditional masala bhat is without garlic and onion.
  6. You can make it as a one pot dish as well as in pressure cooker.
  7. As I mentioned masala bhaat tastes great with Katachi Amati or kattina saaru. (I will post the recipe for Katachi Amati). Usually masala bhaat is served with ghee on top only. 

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I hope you are going to try this recipe. If you made this, comment and tell me how you liked this recipe.

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