How To Make Methkoot Recipe| Menthe Hittu Recipe | Menthyada Hittu | Methkoot Recipe

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How To Make Methkoot Recipe| Menthe Hittu Recipe | Menthyada Hittu | Methkoot Recipe


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Cuisine: Karnataka, Maharashtra

Preparation:  10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

Type: Side Dish

Served with: Rice, Chapati, Roti and also as a Side Dish.

Imagine, you are totally exhausted, no strength to cook in detail and super hungry. Order food online??


Ask me, I will prefer to have super-hot Rice generously topped with Ghee, pinch of salt, a piece of Lemon and Of course two to three spoons of “MENTHE HITTU”… Heaven!!!!!!! 


I know who had this recipe before, their mouth must be watering. 😋😋😋😋😋

Hello, let’s come back to recipe..

Menthe Hittu or Methkoot literally means fenugreek powder. But fenugreek is present in very small quantity. Actually, it is made up of healthy lentils and few spices. 

Have you ever tried menthe hittu or menthyada hittu? It is a tasty North Karnataka and Maharashtrian recipe made with roasted multigrains and spices. In this recipe I have added the basic ingredients required to make this as well as some optional ingredients. This menthe hittu is milder in taste than with usual garam masala powders.  Menthe Hittu recipe as it contains other mixed pulses and grains, makes it protein rich, nutritious and delicious. Kids will love this with rice, chapatis or dosas. 

It can be introduced to babies at the time of starting Solids. My kids still love to have “Methkoot Bhat” any time of the day.


  1. Bengal Gram or Chana Dal: Four bowls
  2. Urad Dal: One bowl
  3. Rice: One Bowl
  4. Wheat: One Bowl
  5. Coriander seeds: Four Tea spoons
  6. Cumin (Jeera): Three Tea spoons
  7. Mustard: Two Tea spoons
  8. Turmeric Powder: Two Tea spoons
  9. Fenugreek (Methi): One and Half tea spoons
  10. Hing (Asafetida): One Tea spoon


Menthe Hittu Recipe In Marathi

How to make Menthe Hittu Recipe | Menthyada Hittu | Methkoot Recipe

  1. To prepare Menthe Hittu Recipe get all the ingredients handy. 
  2. In a frying pan or kadai dry roast each of the ingredient separately on a medium to flame till they are crisp and aromatic.
  3. Make sure you do not burn them.
  4. After roasting keep them on paper and place the paper on a steel strainer. So that the moisture escape and roasted ingredients stay crisp.
  5. Completely cool the roasted ingredients in room temperature.
  6. Grind them to a fine powder or else take it to flour mill near you.
  7. Add turmeric and hing once the menthe hittu is ready and mix well.

That’s it, 

Tasty, healthy and flavorful Menthe Hittu is ready. Store it in an airtight container. 

When stored properly Menthe Hittu can last for Six months.

There are many versions of this Menthe Hittu, some add other spices like Red chilis, black pepper, Kadi patta and cardamom. But I prefer it to make soft or little spicy.

How To Make Methkoot Recipe| Menthe Hittu Recipe | Menthyada Hittu | Methkoot Recipe Step by step photos.

Dry roast Bengal Gram till it becomes crisp and pinkish in color.


Dry roast Urad Dal till it becomes pinkish.


Dry roast wheat till it becomes increased in volume and light.


Dry roast Rice till it becomes crisp.


Dry roast Coriander Seeds, Cumin or jeera, Fenugreek make sure you should not burn.


Place a paper on a strainer and remove roasted ingredients on it. By doing so the moisture will be absorbed by the paper and the crispiness of the ingredients remains intact.


How To Make Methkoot Video Recipe

How Menthe Hittu is used?

  1. Mix it with curds and chopped onions. Add little salt, tempering and garnish with fresh coriander leaves. It will be great side dish with Jowar rotis and Chapatis.
  2. Small quantity of Menthe Hittu is added to Tempering while making Chivda. As it absorbs the excess oil. Also, it enhances the taste.
  3. Or as I said simply mix it with hot rice along with ghee and lemon juice and have it.

Pro Tips:

1. Roast all the ingredients separately.

2. Make sure the flame is medium to low.

3. Do not burn the ingredients as it gives a bitter taste to Menthe Hittu

4. You can add Dry red chilis and Kadi patta to enhance the spiciness. I have not used.

5. You can add salt while grinding. But I do not prefer it.

6. Store it in an airtight container. Better to store it in small container for daily use. Refill it from the storage as required.

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Who have not tried this please make it, you will just love this.

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