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Greetings Food Lovers and thanks for visiting my blog post!

I am Manjiri Kulkarni (Kalavati Naik my Maiden Name), a full-time housewife and a Food Blogger. I was born and brought up in the Karnataka state of India; part of South India. I have a Master’s degree in English and worked for some time before marriage. After marriage, I settled in Maharashtra.

The experience of writing a food blog is something like bringing a baby into this world and loving, caring, and watching it grow infront of your eyes. It was so memorable and special like you created something.

I love food and love to cook as well. Ever since I was a little kid I have had this immense passion for cooking.

According to my family and friends, I am a good cook. So, I thought why not share my recipes with the rest of the world, healthy foods that will keep even the most snobby foodie asking for more?

So here you will be able to find a variety of healthy recipes to entertain your taste buds or treat your appetite.

You will catch great recipes along with tips and tricks and also Articles related to Food.

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Email: contact@manjirisfoods.in

About Us