Coriander Rice-pulao|Cilantro Rice Recipe|Kotimbir rice

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Coriander Rice | Cilantro Rice Recipe | Kotimbir Rice


Coriander leaf is an herb basically. Coriander can be used as leaves or as seeds which are dried and ground. We all use coriander in dishes like soups and salsas, curries, chutneys and masalas. Also for garnishing. 

Coriander Rice | Cilantro Rice Recipe

Preparation Time: 10 Mins
Cooking : 20 Mins
Total Timing : 30 Mins
Serving : 4 Serves

What we need?

For Masala Paste

1. Fresh Coriander leaves – Half bunch
2. Green Chilies – Two to Four according to the spiciness required.
3. Cinnamon – One inch
4. Cloves/ lavang – Four to five
5. Cardamom – Four to five
6. Black Pepper – Four to Five
7. Bay leaf/ tez patta – One
8. Shahi Jeera/ caraway Seeds – one tea spoon



For Coriander Rice

1. Rice – One bowl
2. Onion – One big or Two medium
3. Salt – As per taste
4. Oil or Ghee – Three table spoon
5. Tempering Ingredients – Mustard, Jeera, Hing and turmeric




Wash coriander leaves thoroughly and keep them aside. Slice the onion into long stripes. Wash the rice and soak it in fresh water for half an hour.


Firstly, in a mixer jar take coriander leaves, green chills and whole masalas. Put very little water and grind them to a fine paste.



In a pressure cooker add oil or ghee. When it becomes hot slower the flame and add tempering ingredients and splutter them.


Then add sliced onions and sauté them till translucent.


Then add the masala paste and fry it until the raw smell goes. 


After that add washed and soaked rice and fry for two minutes.


Add two bowls of water (Double the quantity of Rice). Add salt according to the taste. Close the lid and cook for two whistles.


When the pressure goes, open the cooker and give it a good mix gently.


Serve hot with raita or any other side dish. Else you can have it with roasted papad. 
Coriander rice is a perfect breakfast recipe. Also ideal for lunchbox. You can prepare it with or without vegetables.

Some facts about Coriander:
Coriander is believed  to be one of the oldest herbs used today. Studies show that coriander dates as far back as 1550 B.C
It gets its name ‘coriander’ from the Greek word koris, which means a stink bug. This reference comes from the smell that bruised coriander leaves give off, which is same as the stinking smell of the bug.
Cilantro or coriander is probably one of the first herbs to be used by mankind and most widely used also.

Benefits of Coriander:

1. It helps to lower blood sugar 
Certain enzymes in coriander are said to lower blood sugar by activating the enzymes.
2. Rich in immune-boosting antioxidants 
Coriander is full of antioxidants that help in boosting immunity, it has  anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects also.
3. Coriander benefit heart health 
Coriander is siad to protect our heart by lowering blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. 
4. Coriander protect brain health 
The antioxidants in coriander may reduce brain inflammation, improve memory, and reduce anxiety symptoms. (research is needed).
5. Coriander promote digestion and gut health 
Coriander  reduces some digestive symptoms like bloating and discomfort. It may also boost appetite among some people.
6. Coriander fights infections 
Coriander has antimicrobial effects which is said to fight some infections borne by food.
7. Good for skin 
Coriander contains antioxidants that are helpful to protect our skin from aging and sun damage. 

That’s all friends.

See you all with another recipe.

Till then eat healthy and be safe.


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