Mor Awala Recipe in English | Amla Murabba Recipe | Indian Gooseberry Jam

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Mor Awala Recipe in English | Amla Murabba Recipe | Indian Gooseberry Jam 



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Cuisine: Maharashtrian

Servings: 500 grams.

Preparation: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

Type: Sweet/Medicinal

Served As: Medicine

Mor Awala or Amla Murabba or Indian Gooseberry Jam is a way to store Awala/amla or gooseberry. As this is a seasonal fruit, Amla is preserved in many ways for the complete year. It is made as Mor Awala, Amal pickle (Sweet and Spicy), Amla Candies, Amla Juice and Amla Chutney.


Today I am going to show you how I make Mor Awala Recipe in English | Amla Murabba Recipe | Indian Gooseberry Jam.


1. Awala or Amla: 10-12 Numbers

2. Ginger: 2-4 Inch

3. Sugar: Same the size of chopped Awala

4. Cinnamon: 1 Inch (Optional)

5. Cardamom Powder: 1/2 Tea Spoon (Optional)



Step 1

Wash and pat dry Awalas. Then cut them into small pieces. Or you can use whole Awala also. Then take a deep pan and add enough water, boil water and turn the flame to medium.  

Step 2

Place a strainer over the pan and put Awalas in it. Cover the lid and steam for 10 minutes. Or you can pressure cook the Awalas. Then, remove from flame. 

Step 3

To make the sugar syrup, take a broad patella or pan. Add sugar (Same amount of sugar as Awalas are). Put the water till sugar is covered and place it on medium flame.

Step 4

Dissolve sugar completely while stirring continuously. Cook till syrup becomes thick. To check the syrup is done pour a drop on a plate and tilt it. If the syrup runs down then you have to cook it further. Check after five minutes, if the syrup sits on the plate after tilting that means it is ready.

Step 5

Once sugar syrup is thick like honey, add steamed Awalas and grated ginger, mix well and cook for 5-10 minutes. Once Awala pieces soak sugar syrup well switch off the flame and take off from the stove.

Step 6

Cool it completely. Store it in an airtight jar. And store it in refrigerator. It can be consumed at least for 6-7 months.

Mor Awala or Amla Murabba is made in different ways. One such wonderful recipe is shared by Mrs. Sujata Roy Mam..

She is a well know Food blogger since 2015.  Please check out the Amla Murabba Recipe By Sujata Mam…

Amla Murabba Recipe

Mor Awala Recipe in English | Amla Murabba Recipe | Indian Gooseberry Jam

Step by step photos

Boil water in a broad vessel
#boilingwater #steaming #Waterboiling #boiling


Wash, dry and cut Awalas/Indian Gooseberries, and steam them for 10-15 minutes.
#steaming #Steamingamla #awala #indiangooseberry
Take steamed awalas, grated ginger and sugar
#amla #awala #ginger #sugar #indiangooseberry


In a pan or patella add sugar and add water till sugar wets.
#water #sugar #sugarsyrup #makingsugarsyrup
You can watch my video on Mor Awala Recipe Here



Dissolve sugar on medium to high flame while continuously  stirring. Cook till sugar syrup becomes thick.


#sugarsyrup #sugar #water #makingsugarsyrup

Place a drop of the syrup on a plate and tilt it. If it runs down then cook 5-10 minutes again.

#checkingsugarsyrup #sugarsyrup #sugar #water


Once done sugar syrup sits firmly without flowing.

#sugarsyrup #sugar #sugarsyrupready

At this time add steamed awalas and grated ginger and boil

#Morawala #amlamurabba #indiangooseberryjam


Once awalas are absorbed sugar they turn into brownish color. Then switch off  stove and cool Morawala completely. Then store in an airtight jar.

#morawala #amlamurabba #indiangooseberryjam

Benefits of Awala-Amla-Indian Gooseberry.

1. Amla is known as a ‘divyaushada’ or a divine medicine in Ayurveda.  It contains five tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. Which are very beneficial and help in the functioning of both mind and body.

2. It is loaded with vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorous, carotene, vitamin B, protein and fiber.

3. Amla is a treasure of antioxidants and believed its consumption can prevent the formation of cancer cells.

4. Amla oil is very good medicine for hair loss. Massaging the scalp with amla oil strengthens the follicles, provides luster while vitamin C prevents premature greying.

5. Ayurveda strongly recommends eating a gooseberry daily for improving immunity, boosting digestion and longevity.

6. Take one spoon of Mor Awala every morning in empty stomach for hyper acidity. 


Interesting facts about Indian Gooseberry.

1. Amla, Awala or Indian Gooseberry is a most effective medicinal plant for its innumerable healing properties.

2. It is called as Amalaka in Sanskrit, which has various meanings – mother, nurse, immortality and it also means ‘sour.’

3. Amla or Awala has a lot of great religious significance in India. It is offered as Naivedyam for Lord Shiva and eat it to protect against various respiratory infections, common cold, flu and other health problems that are caused due to the imbalances of vata, kapha and pitta. 

4. It can be consumed raw, in the form of juice, churna, candy, pickles or supplements.

5. Almost every part of the plant is used to treat a range of diseases, but the most important is the fruit.

6. The best time to consume amla is early morning, especially during winters when the temperature is low.

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