Mix Dal Dosa Recipe | Mix Lentil Dosa | Coriander Seeds Onion Chutney Recipe

Mix Dal Dosa Recipe | Mix Lentil Dosa | Coriander Seeds Chutney Recipe


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Cuisine: South Indian

Servings: 16 Dosas

Soaking: 7-8 Hours

Preparation: 20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Type: Breakfast

Served with: Chutney, Sambhar and Gravy

There are so many different types of dosa recipes made with various ingredients. Traditional dosa is made with a fermented batter of rice and urad dal. But, if you want to include protein in your breakfast diet, try this Mixed Dal Dosa recipe made with five different dals or lentils.

Mixed Dal Dosa also called as Yadni in Karnataka and Adai dosa in Tamil Naadu and Aandra Pradesh is very easy and no ferment dosa recipe made with various lentils or dals. All we have to do is to soak the dals/lentils overnight or 7-8 hours to make a smooth batter.  This protein rich mix dal dosa make a super healthy breakfast when served with Coconut Chutney or Tomato Chutney or Special Coriander Seeds-Onion Chutney.

Coriander Seeds-Onion Chutney is a unique chutney made specially for Yadni or Mixed dal dosa. It enhances the taste of dosas. As these dosas are made with different dals they have a bit earthiness taste.   

This high-protein dal dosa is the perfect alternative for the regular dosa that we have grown up eating. Other than urad dal, green moong dal, Arhar dal or Toor dal, yellow moong dal, Masoor dal and chana dal are used to make dosa batter. Also, the batter doesn’t require fermentation, so you can instantly make these dosa right after grinding the ingredients in the morning after soaking them overnight.

Soaking the dals/lentils overnight make them perfect for grinding. So that they ground well and give a better taste. However, if you are in hurry, you can soak the dals/lentils in water for an hour or two.



  1. Toor Dal or Pigeon pea lentils: One Bowl
  2. Chana dal or Bengal gram: One Bowl
  3. Moong dal or Whole Moong or Both: one bowl: One bowl
  4. Urad Dal/ Black Gram (urad dal without husks): One bowl
  5. Masoor dal or orange lentils (without husks): One bowl
  6. Rice: One bowl
  7. Dried red chilis: 8-10 or as per the spiciness required
  8. Jeera/Cumin: Two tea spoon
  9. While Grinding:
  10. Coriander Leaves: Half Bunch
  11. Turmeric: One tea spoon
  12. Hing/ asafetida: Half tea spoon
  13. Ginger: Two inch
  14. Salt: As per taste

Coriander Seeds Chutney:

  1. Coriander Seeds: Four tea spoon
  2. Dried red chilis: 5-6
  3. Onion: One medium
  4. Coriander Leaves: One small bowl
  5. Grated Coconut: One small bowl
  6. Jaggery/Gul: Two tea spoon
  7. Tamarind: One tea spoon
  8. Salt: As per taste


Firstly, wash and soak all the dals/lentils in water overnight. Soak rice, red chilis and jeera in water separately overnight.

Secondly, drain the water from dals/lentils and rice. Wash them thoroughly. In a mixer jar first put the dals and water grind them to make a fine batter. Then in the same jar put rice, red chilis, coriander leaves, jeera, turmeric, ginger, Hing and salt along with water. Grind all the ingredients to form a fine paste.

Thirdly, in a mixing bowl add both the batter and mix well. Rest the batter for 10 minutes.

Making Mix Dal Dosa Recipe | Mix Lentil Dosa 

  1. Heat tawa and apply oil. 
  2. Check the batter consistency and add water if required.
  3. Take a ladleful batter and pour on hot tawa. Make sure the flame is slow to medium. 
  4. Spread evenly and top with chopped onions and coriander. 
  5. Cover the lid and roast for two minutes. Then flip the dosa and roast other side.
  6. Serve hot with chutney and sambhar.

Making Coriander Seeds Chutney

  1. Grate coconut, Wash and cut coriander leaves finely.
  2. Chop onion into small pieces.
  3. Soak tamarind into water.
  4. In a mixer jar add Coriander seeds, grated coconut, coriander leaves, salt, red chilis, jaggery, tamarind and chopped onions. Add water and grind to a coarse paste. Garnish it with tempering and serve with dosa.

Mix Dal Dosa Recipe | Mix Lentil Dosa | Coriander Seeds Onion Chutney Recipe in  Step by step photos

Soak Dals and Rice along with jeera and red chilis.


After soaking for 7-8 hours drain the water from dals and rice.


Take masala ingredients in plate.


Grind all the dals and rice (along with masalas) separately.


Ground rice and masala paste added.


Take all the ingredients for Coriander seeds-Onion-Chutney.


Grind all the ingredients to make a coarse chutney.



Heat the tawa and pour ladleful batter and spread evenly. Top with chopped onion and coriander leaves.


Flip the dosa and roast.


Pro Tips:

You can add the dals or lentils you have handy and also change their proportions. 

You can skip rice if you don’t want to add.

You can increase the proportions of the ingredients for more servings.

You can make these dosa crisp or soft by adjusting the batter consistency. For thick and soft dosa spread the batter thick like we do in set dosas.

For a crisp dosa spread the batter thinly. 

If you are using a casted iron skillet, make sure it is properly seasoned. Otherwise, dosa will stick to the tawa.

If you prefer to use non-stick then no worry.


Is dosa healthy for weight loss?

Dosa is a great source of healthy carbohydrates. Having one or two dosas will supply with the necessary energy that your body need to stay energetic throughout the day. If you are planning to loose some extra fats then this mix dal dosa is an ideal option.

Is dosa a cheat meal?

Yes, this Mix dal dosa is a perfect cheat meal. Avoiding the deep-fried vadas steamed idli, dosa, vegetable uthappam or specially mixed dal dosa can be enjoyed with a big bowl of sambhar or chutney. Which makes you full for whole day and skip your meals. Thus, resulting in weight loss. 

Is dosa high in carbs?

Dosa is definitely a healthy breakfast option. It contains the ideal amount of fat and can be made in ghee as well, which makes it healthier. The good carbohydrates in the dosa batter release slowly and give you the energy needed through the day.

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