Ridge Gourd With Gravy ( Hirekai Pallya, Dodaka Bhaji, Turai Bhaji)

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Ridge Gourd with Gravy.

Hello Friends,

Welcome Back to My Blog. I hope you people liked my Daliya Khichadi Recipe.

Today I am going tell you Ridge Gourd with Gravy. Hirekai Pallya in Kannada, Dodaka in Marathi and Turai In Hindi.


Ridge Gourd is not so appealing but famous vegetable. Despite not appealing to the taste buds of many people, Ridge gourd has many health benefits. It is rich in essential components like dietary fibers water content, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6. It is naturally low in calorie content, unhealthy saturated fats and cholesterol. 

Lets start with Ingredients:


1. Ridge Gourd                    :    2 medium sized

2. Onion                               :    1 Medium

3. Garlic                               :    7-8 cloves

4. Ginger                              :    1 inch

5. Green Chilies        :    7-8 or as per your taste (How much spicy you want)

6. Coriander Leaves              :    1 medium bowl

7. Salt                                   :    As per taste

8.  Sugar                               :    1 TSP (Optional)

9. Oil                                    :    3 TSP

10. Mustard, Jeera, Hing, Haldi ( All for tempering)


Wash and cut Ridge Gourd in to 1 and half inch pieces. Cut onion into stripes. Wash and cut Ginger. Remove the skin of garlic. Wash the coriander and chop roughly.

Grind all the ingredients into a coarse paste except Ridge Gourd.


Heat a frying pan and add 3 tsp oil. Add Mastard, jeera, hing and Haldi powder and splutter the tempering. Then add Ridge Gourd pieces and saute for five minutes.


Then add the masala paste and saute for two more minutes.


Add little water, salt and sugar. Cover the lid and cook until Ridge Gourd pieces are Soft on medium flame. Check in between and add water if required. 

Once the Ridge Gourd pieces are soft serve it with Chapati, Roti or Rice. Garnish with fresh cream. (Optional)

I hope you are going to try this recipe. If you made this comment and tell me how you liked this recipe.

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