Rice Cutlet (Left over rice cutlet)

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 Rice Cutlet (Left over rice cutlet)


Hello friends,

Welcome back to Manjiri’s Foods.

Today I am going show you how I made cutlets out of left over rice.

Let’s begin with Ingredients:

1. Left over Rice (Cooked)                – One Bowl
2. Potatoes                                           – 4 medium sized.
3. Green peas                                     – One Bowl
4. Onion                                             – One big.
5. Coriander Leaves                           – 4-5 spoons
6. Ginger Garlic paste                        – 1 TSP
7. Jeera Powder                                  – 1/2 TSP
8. Coriander Powder                           – 1/2 TSP
9. Garam Masala                                – 2 TSP
10.Salt                                                – As per taste.
11. Oil                                                – 4-5 spoons 
12. Red chili powder                        – 1 TSP
13. Turmeric powder                         – 1/2 TSP

For the coating:

1. Four spoons of all purpose flour.
2. 1/2 tsp Salt
3. 1 TSP Red chili powder
4. Fine suji or rava or bread crumbs


In a cooker boil Potatoes and Green peas till they are soft. You can use carrot, beans, flower and other vegetables also. 


Take a mixing pan. Add left over rice. Add peeled and mashed potatoes and green peas. Add finely chopped onion and coriander leaves. Add all the other ingredients such as masalas, ginger garlic paste, Salt. 


Mix all the ingredients to form a loose dough. And keep it aside for 10 mins..


Take a ball sized dough and shape it to your desired shaped cutlets. I have made them in round shaped. 

For coating mix all purpose flour, salt and red chili powder in a small bowl, add water to make a watery paste. Dip the cutlets in to this paste and coat them with bread crumbs or fine suji. 


Heat a tawa and sprinkle littles oil on it. Place the cutlets on hot tawa. And roast them until both sides are crisp. These cutlets are crisp and crunchy from outside and soft inside.  


Serve them with tomato sauce or green chutney.

Did you know:  Rice is the main food in most of the Indian States. Especially in South India and Maharashtra. We have a variety of cooked rice in our daily diet. Most commonly plain cooked rice with curry, gravy and curd.

Or in the form of Pulao, Biriyani, Masala rice and so on. list is infinite..

As rice is cooked daily in every household ,chances are there, it is not consumed fully sometimes. This left over rice can be modified into a new dish. Most commonly left over rice is used to make Phodani Bhat (as it is called in Maharashtra, Phodani means tempering or tadka) Or curd rice. It can be used to make Dosas, Idlies and many more items.

Note: According to FoodSafety.gov Food Keeper App, leftover rice can be stored in the refrigerator for three to four days, and it can be stored in the freezer for one to two months.


So friends, please try this recipe and let me know in comments whether you liked it or not. Please suggest any other recipe with left over rice. Or how you people use the left over rice.

See you with another recipe soon..
Till then eat healthy and stay safe.
Take care.

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