Importance Of Breakfast | Advantages Of Having Breakfast

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Importance Of Breakfast | Advantages Of Having Breakfast

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There is a saying in English

Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like Pauper.

Meaning of this quote is one should have heavy breakfast as first thing in the morning. Have lunch less compared to breakfast. And have very less dinner for staying healthy.

We all know at present situation staying healthy and following healthy eating habits is only way to get not affected by this Pandemic Corona!!!!!

Today I have not came with a recipe. I am going to elaborate How important it is to have a healthy breakfast, what are the advantages of having breakfast and disadvantages of not having breakfast.

Importance Of Breakfast 

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You may not be the only one as many people who know the benefits of eating a healthy meal, still leave the house in the morning without having consumed a filling or adequate breakfast. Most people who skip breakfast or who eat an unhealthy one use either lack of time in the morning or weight watching as their excuse.
Skipping the breakfast in order to loose weight is a total misconception. It is absolutely not true and in fact the opposite is true. Skipping breakfast in some cases could cause to become overweight.

What happens to our body first thing in the morning?

When we wake up in the morning, for the majority of us our body and brain have been without food for 10 to 12 hours and for children it may be longer. Our body is similar to a vehical, it needs fuel to run and like a car the better you look after your body, the longer & better it will run.
Our body must be fuelled several times each day so that we function efficiently & carry out our daily tasks as best as we can. In the morning after many hours without food it is essential to refuel in order to provide necessary nutrients & energy to get us to the first past of the day.

Why is it important to fuel our brain?

It is from our brain that messages are sent to other parts of body to get them moving and working well. If our brain is not fueled  it will act in a slow and unenergetic manner which will impact greatly on the rest of our body.
The brain requires glucose or blood sugar to provide it with energy to function, whilst the muscles of our body need glucose to activate them and get the body working physically. To work and feel well, our blood sugar levels must be maintained at a certain level. After long time without food our blood sugar level falls causing tiredness and irritability as symptoms that occur when you need food. 

The disadvantages of not having breakfast

If you dont eat breakfast in the morning you may find that you feel tired, dizzy and irritated. And  your concentration is poor. It may take you longer to carry out tasks or you just might not feel up to anything mentally and physically strenuous.  You get irritated by people’s behaviour and end up shouting on them, especially you are under stress.  You will start to feel pangs of hunger as the morning passes on.
If you don’t eat anything in the morning, you will most likely find yourself craving something sweet to eat as your body cries out for quick fix to boost energy levels. If you are at work and it is not yet time for lunch, this is one of the moments when you may find yourself reaching for something very unhealthy. Such as a chocolate bar, cream cake or wafers and other unhealthy snacks. 
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For those who are watching their weight, this is disastrous. It is also possible that you may become so hungry that you grab twice as many unhealthy snacks to eat before lunch or even end up eating all of your packed lunch by eleven thirty am. (I am writing my own experience here)

No!! breakfast does not equal losing weight.

Some people extremely think that by skipping breakfast they will reduce their calories in take for the day. Also it will help them to lose weight. By doing so not only are you giving your body the worst possible start in the morning also putting it under unnecessary pressure. Missing breakfast often leads to over eating at some point late on in the day. Usually snacking on unhealthy foods which are high in calories and fat you may also become over hungry mid-morning and by lunch time could end up eating twice as much than if you had eaten a healthy breakfast that released energy slowly throughout the day.

Three healthy square meals or six smaller meals a day should keep you going throughout without having the need to snack in between.

(It is a general rule-It may not be applicable to some people who are sick, undergoing some diet plans and other reasons)

Disadvantages of not eating an adequate Breakfast.

People who start the day with a strong sweet cup of coffee or tea with a croissant, piece of cake or bowl of sugar loaded cereals may think that because they have eaten something, that they are starting the day well. And providing their body and brain with a good start to the morning. But their energy boost doesn’t last very long. And soon they are hungry. 
This is because, although they did make time to have breakfast their breakfast choice was very poor. Caffeine as we all know, gives instant energy and many people think that they cannot start the morning or even go through the day without at least one cup of coffee or tea. 

In actual fact caffeine produce adrenaline which sends some of the body’s stored glucose to the brain. Cereals high in sugar have very little nutritional values.  When eaten their high amounts of sugar are released almost immediately into the blood stream (Sugar fix) and provide an instant energy boost. Together with the caffeine blood sugar (Glucose) levels rocket and energy levels sour. 

Downside of this effect is that the energy boost is extremely short lived as the pancreas responds to this surge of glucose, it produces insulin in order to bring the levels back down to a reasonable amount. This means that a few hours after this unhealthy breakfast you left feeling tired and hungry again and in need of another quick sugar fix. 

Advantages of healthy and nutritious breakfast.

After a good night sleep and with an empty stomach in the morning it is very important and the best way to start the day and to energise and revitalise your body is to have a nutritious breakfast.  With a filling-nutritious and healthy breakfast which will keep you satiated until the next meal. Our body needs a healthy breakfast packed full of vitamins and nutrients whilst also providing energy and fuel for the brain. 

The best types of foods to be eaten at breakfast are complex carbohydrates such as whole grains including oats, rice bread and millet together with the small amount of dried fruits and freshly squeezed juice. 

These foods have a low GI (Glaucomic Index) which means that they release glucose steadily and slowly into the blood stream unlike the unhealthier breakfast choices mentioned above. Consequently, these foods will keep you fuller for longer, prevent unhealthy snacking, keep energy level steady without dipping and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals. 
It is very important to consume some form of protein in the morning, as protein balances blood sugar levels. Recent studies have also proven that concentration levels are enhanced if some form of protein consumed during the breakfast meal. 
Excellent sources of proteins, which can be itroduced into the breakfast meal are eggs, fish, nuts and seeds. Vegetarian people may replace them with the suitable vegetables, salads and other things. 
Studies show that adults and children who eat breakfast in the morning perform better at school and at work. It is proven that with breakfast concentration and memory improve, mental performance and problem-solving ability is better and learning ability is increased. 


To conclude, studies generally prove that people who eat breakfast manage their weight better are not obese or overweight. Also they have lower levels of cholesterol, which means they are less likely to suffer from heart disease and are generally in better health. Overall in better mood. In children their concentration and productivity at school is better and they are more creative interested and alert. 

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As we are celebrating 75th Independence Day let’s promise ourselves to follow a healthy eating diet and stay fit.

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  1. Excellent work and useful information This will aweken the weight loss crazy generation as the facts are placed before them just keep on writing such out of box articles.

  2. Excellent work and useful information This will aweken the weight loss crazy generation as the facts are placed before them just keep on writing such out of box articles.


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