Robot Food delivery in California and Texas

Uber Eats Customers in California and Texas will have their food delivered by a driverless delivery pod soon.

Uber Eats and Nuro had negotiations over four years and finally announced 10 year deal.

Uber and Nuro will deploy autonomous delivery vehicles in two cities by the starting of Fall season.

Nuro’s second-generation R2 vehicle very different from the typical delivery robot designed only for sidewalk travel.

It will be a fully driverless vehicle with no room for human passengers. It is larger about half as a Sedan. But shorter than cars.

1.  It has a top speed of 45 mph
2.  Not allowed to go on highways.
3.  It can carry a total of 500 lbs.
4.  Have space for 24 grocery bags in its compartments.

Nuro, was founded in 2016 by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, two veterans of the Google self-driving car project.

Uber is not only working with Nuro, it is also working with Serve Robotics and Motional Companies.

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