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Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Stuffed Bell Peppers filled with spicy and flavourful stuffing that are either grilled or baked make for a wholesome dinner. 

These Stuffed Bell Peppers serve as an easy and healthy side dish recipe that you can make with a variety of filling options. 

These Stuffings range from Vegetables, Grains, Meat, Cheese, Paneer. Most popular Indian stuffing is Potato.

Spicy Besan Flour Stuffed Capsicum that tempts the taste buds and enhances your dining experience.  

Bell peppers are stuffed with spiced besan flour and then further cooked. It makes for a comforting side dish to go with any Indian meal.

There are several ways to cook stuffed capsicums, such as roasting in a pan, Steaming or Shallow frying.  

Pan sizzling is the best method according to me as it allows capsicums to size and sear.

You can have stuffed vegetables as snacks, pair it with rice or naan as a side dish; or incorporate them into a tomato or curd-based gravy.

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