Locals perform the Dahi-Handi ritual. Youngsters form a human pyramid to break open an earthen pot with buttermilk hung high above on the road.


Janmashtami is known as Krishna Jamma in Manipur. The festivities begin at midnight and continue till dawn. They perform Raaslila dedicated to Lord Krishna during this time.


The tradition of enacting Ras Leela, locally known as Vittal Pindi, in Karnataka is a very popular and significant part of the Janmashtami festival. 

Vrindavan, Mathura

In Mathura & Vrindavan, temples are decorated with flowers and lights, and are open throughout the night. Raas Lila, based on excerpts from the Bhagwat Puran, is performed on stage.


The temple Dwarakadhish is decorated beautifully for the celebrations of the infant Krishna. Idols are adorned with gold, diamond and other precious jewellery, and kirtans and bhajans are sung. 

South India

In Tamil Nadu people observe a fast, draw kolams and recite the  Gita. In Andhra Pradesh, sweet dishes  are made and young boys dress up as Krishna to visit relatives and friends.

West Bengal & Odisha

In the eastern part of the India, people celebrate Krishna’s birth by fasting and offering regional sweets to the baby Krishna. Taler boda an extremely sweet dish.

Outside India

Places like Nepal, Bangladesh, Fiji and Pakistan too celebrate Janmashtami, while ISKCON temples around the world too celebrate the day.

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