Brad pitt makes dubut as sculptor

During the Covid lockdown, Pitt started playing the guitar and took interest in sculpture also.

Pitt has made his debut as a sculptor at the Sara Hildén Art Museum, in the Finnish city of Tampere.

Pitt’s works are displayed in the exhibition along with British figurative sculpture artist Thomas Houseago, and Australian singer Nick Cave.

Pitt has nine pieces in the exhibition.

A house-shaped structure moulded in clear silicon and shot with bullets. This is his first ever sculpture, House A Go Go

Among the largest of his works is a coffin-sized bronze box depicting hands, feet and faces attempting to break through the structure at various angles.

And the other is a plaster wall-hanging sculpture Aiming At You I Saw Me But It Was Too Late. which depicts a gun fight between eight figures.

His debut as a sculptor was kept as a secret until the exhibition opening.

Pitt began working on his sculptures following his divorce from fellow actress and director Angelina Jolie.

Pitt said these works are about self-reflection to him.

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