Apple Watch Series 8 Features & Review 


New Apple watch Series 8 comes with a bunch of notable features. These features are going to help you to boost your health, protect your safety, and illuminate more about your body’s inner workings.

Apple's temperature sensor measures skin temperature, & looks at relative temperature change, showing increases or decreases in degrees.  But it is not an absolute Thermometer

Temperature sensing

Apple's improved motion sensors are able to predict crash detection. Just like Apple's fall detection this is also a life-saving feature. 

Car-Crash Detection

Apple Watch series battery life is 18 hours after an overnight charge

Battery life

Apple watch series 8 is having two sensor design one on the back of the watch touching the skin, & another just under the display. Which allows users to pinpoint ovulation.

Track your menstrual cycle

The Series 8 comes in a 45mm or 41mm crack-resistant screen. Will have more room for the information displayed. 

Beautiful Screen

The watch reads the information about how you rest by using its accelerometer to track movement as you sleep & phases of your sleep as core, deep, and REM sleep.

Sleep Insights Feature

With the compass app on, the enhanced GPS functionality in your Apple Watch tells you where you started your journey along with drop markers as you go.

Compass Backtracking and Waypoints

The helps to manage and track prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements. You can create a Rx list, set schedules and reminders, and even receive alerts about contraindications.

The new Medications App

The new Medications App

With these epic the health and safety features such as sleep tracking, Medication app as well as crash detection, of the Series 8 is going to love this.

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