10 Best Idle  Games


Plantera Deluxe (2017) - 60

In this game, the player creates a garden by growing various plants, harvesting and selling them. And uses that money to buy new plants. 


It is a strategy RPG management game, about the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins as they fight against the Templars under the leadership of Aguilar de Nerha.

Vostok Inc. (2017) - 69

Here Unlike Rebellion the player will explore six unique solar systems to become rich by colonizing planets.

Disco Zoo (2014) - 70

In this game the player is in charge of a virtual zoo, and he must rescue animals so that the zoo can grow.


This is a 2019 RPG where the player controls the protagonist of the game known as a "Soul," who shipwrecks on the titular island.

Fallout Shelter (2015) - 71

In this game the player is an Overseer who must build the Vault, manage supplies, and guide the dwellers.

Nonstop Knight (2016) - 72

This game is about a Knight who endlessly fights his way through infinite dungeons. Even if you close the game, the Knight continues to fight.

Forager (2019) - 78

Forager is a open-world adventure game where the player explores multiple islands.

The Longing (2020) - 80

In this game the player must wait 400 days to reawaken a sleeping king. who needs to refill his powers to destroy all "fear and longing."

Spaceplan (2017) - 89

This is a humorous sci-fi mystery game here the player is stuck on a satellite orbiting an unknown planet.

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