Puran Poli Recipe | How to make Puran Poli | Maharashtrian Pooran Poli

Puran Poli Recipe | How to make Puran Poli | Maharashtrian Pooran Poli


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Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors. This festival indicates the arrival of spring and harvests to come, it is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. Traditionally Holi is a Hindu festival, but it is celebrated across the world with same enthusiasm regardless of one’s religion and cultural background: It’s a celebration of love and inclusion.

Holi is one of the most famous festivals of India. Which in most parts of the country is Celebrated by applying colours on each other, eating delicious meals, dancing and singing on some music themed on Holi. 

Puran Poli Recipe | How to make Puran Poli | Maharashtrian Pooran poli with detailed photo and video recipe.

Puran poli and Holi go hand in hand. Popular Maharashtrian and Karnataka sweet recipe which is a compulsory dish made on Holi with wheat flour and Gur-chana dal stuffing. It is generally made on special occasions especially festival time at my home, but my kids love it so, I make it any time. Hot puran poli served with generous amount of ghee tastes really great. It can also be served with milk.

Cuisine: Maharashtrian & Karnataka

Servings: 20 Polis

Preparation: 1 Hour

Cooking Time: 1 Hour

Type: Sweet

Served with: Ghee, Milk and Katachi Aamti (Special Rasam)

In Maharashtra and Karnataka, the Holi tradition of making Puran poli or Hooranada Holige is followed because the festival falls around the time when wheat, Chanadal and Sugarcane are harvested. All the three crops are the prime ingredients of Pooran Poli. In India we have the tradition of offering freshly harvested crops to the Lord as Naivedyamand consume it as his Prasad. 

So, the tradition of making Pooran poli on Holi really makes sense. There is also a saying in Kannada “Hoykonda Bayige Holige Tuppa” It means the male folk beat their mouth making a crying sound to mourn the death of Lord Kamadeva. So the tradition of serving Pooran poli to console them is practiced in Karnataka. 


For the Dough:

  • Wheat Flour: 2 Bowls
  • Plain flour/Maida: 4 table spoons
  • Oil: 4 Tea spoons
  • Salt: One Tea spoon
  • Water: As required

For the stuffing:

  • Chana Dal/Gram: 2 bowls
  • Gur/Jaggery: 1 & ½ bowls (Or as required)
  • Turmeric: ½ Tea Spoon
  • Oil: 2-3 tea spoons
  • Cardamom Powder: ½ tea spoon 
How to make Puran Poli


Kneading Dough:


  1. In a mixing bowl add wheat flour and maida.
  2. Knead a loose dough by adding water partly.
  3. In a plate or bowl take 4 tsp of oil and 1 tsp salt: mix it till the salt is dissolved and a foamy mixture forms.
  4. Apply this mixture to the dough and knead again.
  5. Cover the lid and rest the dough for ½ an hour.
Puran Poli Video Recipe


Making the stuffing-Pooran:



  1. Wash and soak chana dal for half an hour.
  2. Then in a pressure cooker add soaked dal, 2-3 tsp oil, ½ tsp turmeric and sufficient water. Cook for five-six whistles.
  3. Once the pressure is gone, drain the excess water from the cooked dal in a strainer. This stew or “Kat” or “Kattu” is used to make a special rasam called Katachi Amti (in Marathi) & “Kattina saaru” (in Kannada).
  4. Then heat a kadai and add cooked -drained dal into it. With the help of a spoon mash the dal.
  5. Add jaggery and mix it by stirring in between. Make sure you turn the stove low to medium.
  6. Jaggery dissolved and the mixture becomes watery.
  7. After stirring for some more time mixture becomes thick. Then turn of the stove and leave the mixture for five minutes.
  8. Then in a masher (I have used traditional Pooran Machine) mash the pooran as smooth as possible.

Puran Poli Recipe 


  1. Pinch out a lemon sized ball from the dough and make it flat or cup shaped with hands. Take ball sized (Double the size of dough) pooran and place it in the dough.
  2. Slowly cover the pooran with the dough and make it like a ball. Apply flour or oil on the polpat and roll the poli evenly and as thin as possible.
  3. Heat the tawa and place the rolled poli on it. Turn the flame to medium, Roast the poli applying oil or ghee.
  4. Once roasted on one side slowly flip and roast the other side.
  5. Once done serve hot with ghee.
  6. Repeat the procedure with rest of the dough.

Tips and Tricks

  • Dough for the poli can be prepared using maida or plain flour also. I prefer using wheat flour only.
  • You can add turmeric to the dough while kneading. It give a nice golden colour to the polis.
  • After rolling the poli if it is difficult to lift the poli off the polpat; use a paper and turn the polpat on it, poli is transferred to paper and then to tawa.
  • You can use oil while rolling the polis. I have used flour. Dust off the excess flour before roasting polis.
  • Don’t skip soaking chana dal before cooking. Otherwise, it take too long to cook Chanadal.
  • Secret Tip: If pooran do not turn thick easily then add a handful thin poha to it. Poha absorbs the excess moisture in pooran making it thick and ready to mash.
  • Finally, polis are prepared and can be stored up to a week in refrigerator. Make sure heat polis before serving them when refrigerated.

Why Holi is celebrated?

There are many legends behind the festival of Holi and its celebration.

    The legend of Prahlad and his father Hiranyakashyap is very famous. Hiranyakashyap was a demon king and enemy of Lord Vishnu, he wanted everyone to worship him instead of Lord Vishnu. But his son Prahlad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap was annoyed by his son and tried to divert his mind. But Prahlad was very devoted to Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap tried to kill his son in many ways in vain. Finally, he asked his sister Holika (who had the boon of not getting hurt by the fire) to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap. But Prahlad was saved for his extreme devotion while Holika despite of her boon paid for the price. Since then the tradition of Holika Dahan is started to mark the victory of good over evil.

    Another legend behind the celebration of this festival which is related to the God of lust Kamadeva. Kaama is said to be the greatest hurdle in the path of spirituality. After the death of Sati, Lord Shiva went on Samadhi. Then a demon called Tarakasura worshipped Lord Brahma and gained a boon that no one can kill him other than Lord Shiva’s son. Entire Deva Lok was in danger as Tarakasura became powerful. Then all the Gods decided to break the Lord Shiva’s samadhi and reunite him with Mata Parvati. They asked Kamadeva or Manmatha Lord of Love to break Lord Shiva’s pinnacle. Then Lord Kamadeva fired the arrows made of flowers at the heart of Lord Shiva and invoke desires in him. This made Lord Shiva very angry and he opened his third eye on Lord Kamadeva and burnt him to ashes. After that Mata Parvati conveyed the reason behind Lord Kamadeva’s effort to bring him out of his samadhi. Then Lord Shiva revived Kamadeva. With his body destroyed, Lord Kamadeva is revived in a formless manner and is henceforth known as ‘Ananga Dev’ or the one without a body. In due course of time the passion between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati evolve and ignite. The duo get married and Lord Kartikeya was born, who destroyed Tarakasura, ending his reign of terror and chaos.   It is believed that Manmatha, the lord of Kaama (human desires) exists everywhere but not visible to our eyes. On this day we must find out our negative feeling of Kaama and burn it in the fire of Knowledge.


    There are many traditions across India and Holi is celebrated in many ways. In Maharashtra it is celebrated as Dhulivandan or Holi Poornima, in Karnataka Kaaman Habba or Holi Hunnime. Lathmar Holi & Holi Milan – Uttar Pradesh. Holla Mohalla- Punjab, Shigmo- Goa, Royal Holi- Udaipur, Kumaoni Holi – Uttarakhand, Manjal Kuli- Kerala.

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